No Seriously, How do I Recalibrate My Life in 4 Short Weeks You ask…?

When You Become Fearless You Become Limitless!

It is said there are 3 Ways to create a a new belief:
1. Constant spaced repetition – writing goals, vision boards, affirmations
2. Visualization
3. Emotional impact (usually negative and unplanned in the form of trauma and loss)

Most methods and programs teach the first 2 – Dynamic Visioning focuses on 2 and 3, and the game changer is #3. Instead of creating a negative emotional impact, imagine creating a positive one with a High Vibration Emotional Impact (HVEI) while in a theta brain wave, like a waking dream – creating an intense positive impact, like your first kiss with that dreamy person you’ve been crushing on! The feeling is euphoric and trumps the fear.

Recalibrate in Just 15 Minutes a Day!

Perhaps you have noticed meditation is getting a lot of attention recently?
And rightly so, some of the benefits include, mindfulness, getting quiet and tangible benefits of health, mind, and it can change your circumstances even.
Some of the challenges to meditation can be — not enough time, how do I do it? How can I be accountable to do it? How can I get maximum results in minimal time?


Six Steps to Meditate and Manifest with a Purpose

1. Consciousness – tuning into your mind/body connection
2. Clarity – getting clear on what you want by addressing the challenges in your life and and Flipping that challenge into what you want instead
3. Creation – creating a positive charge – Visioning in Real Time – it’s like day dreaming on rocket fuel, bringing in all 5 senses to create a high vibration.
4. Connection – learn how to shift into your theta brain wave to access your Source Mind through a 10-minute guided meditation. Just sit back and relax!
5. Community – Be a part of a like minded community for group support and collective manifesting energy.
6. Commitment – You are poised for success with twice weekly support calls available to keep on track and practice these 6 steps with the group to become a Master Manifestor.


Theta – The Game Changer

Theta – brain wave of children ages 0-6 – open, no judgements or filters, highly imaginative and impressionable. Each person at birth is hardwired for success. Children have no concept of limits until adults and environment shut that down with repetitive enforcement of – no you can’t, be realistic, follow the rules, sit still, be like everyone else, don’t make a scene, stop dreaming…

 Our Infinite Intelligence or Source Mind

It is said we only use 10-15% of our brain, ever wonder what the other 85-90% is for?
Source mind – Infinite Intelligence – God – All loving, expansive, limitless, peaceful, free of monkey chatter and ego. The energy that causes our fingernails to grow and our heart to beat, the Source of our intuition and inner guidance.
This power brain state is accessible to all. Used to be only available to Yogis and monks and Saints – now with the collective consciousness of the earth being raised to new levels, we can access in minutes what used to take years of solitude. We can access this through guided meditation and purposeful intention to reach enlightened states and manifest at lightning speeds.
Evidence of this heightened consciousness is everywhere, we see and hear about it everyday. People are waking up to questioning what their life is about and that there must be more meaning than the chaos and dysfunction of their current life and society. Have you noticed the influx of spiritual and holistic mentors and programs addressing spirituality, and the demand for it? This is a very exciting time to be on this planet.

 Theta Benefits and Our DNA

• There is now scientific evidence that accessing our theta brain wave can even reprogram our molecules and biology, even our DNA. Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief.

• We experience realistic and memorable imagery, great inspiration, heightened creativity and extraordinary insight.
• Our everyday conscious mind uses mostly beta brain waves associated with anxiety, stress, conflict, dis-ease, and sympathetic flight fright response.
• Theta brain waves are associated with creativity, when we have moments of brilliance we create a burst of theta waves
• Increase long term memory, vivid visualization, recalibrating self-image and self-worth as being in theta brain wave we bypass our self sabotaging responses, making it much easier to redirect thoughts, feelings, habits affecting our actions.

Unparalleled Support

• Individualized Support from the beginning – live events – each person is supported individually by the group
• Live support continues with the twice weekly support calls – personally facilitated by Liz and Simone
• Group support in the highly engaged Facebook Community private group.
• Individual support via text, email or messenger – we are accessible and interact with the Facebook group daily.
• Dynamic Visioning journal
• Often extra individual coaching on the calls
• If you do the 15 minutes a day and show up regularly on the calls and still feel as though you are struggling, we will personally coach you for 15 minutes to get you back on track.

We are committed to ensuring your success 100%!